What is Practical Wellness?

We all talk about wellness. And we want it to be practical wellness. We seek information, guidance, techniques, whatever is necessary to get to that wellness state. The truth is, what we all are really looking for is to feel better. If we want a better job it is because we want to feel better. If we want a new (or better) relationship, we want to feel better. If we want health, we want to feel better. You name it, we want to feel better.

Been there.

What I have learned throughout the years of looking for that state is that the main ingredient to achieve it is inner peace.

“Oh, great!”, you may say. “And how do I achieve that inner peace with all the things going on in the world, in my family, at work? Besides, no time!”

Practical Wellness and Me will give you the tools to get to a better inner state (being inner peace, joy, love for yourself, self-worth, abundance mindset) and find your purpose in life, among other things.

The name of this site says it all: No complications in YOUR journey. Because it is your journey. Not all people resonate with all tools, and not all people benefit from all tools.

The key is to use only the ones with which you resonate and feel comfortable using them. This way your journey will be faster, shorter, and full of satisfaction.

Being the best you can be is the name of the game. Having fun while playing it is your secret hack.

Are you ready?

Your Practical Wellness Tools

I have used most of the following tools to achieve my own wellness in a practical way. I resonate with some of them and I have friends and loved ones who resonate with the ones I do not. There is no right or wrong here. When we talk about practical wellness, you get to choose what is right for YOU. Here they are:


Meditation is where you become one with yourself and with the Higher Power in which you believe (and if you do not believe in any Higher Power, being one with yourself is powerful enough!).

You do not have to take one hour to meditate. I will give you some tricks and techniques to have a great and fruitful meditation time.


Breathing is part of our lives, the reason our physical heart beats. There are breathing techniques that help our bodies to stay healthy and balanced. They are fun and not difficult at all!


Breathing and meditation help you relax. Relaxation keeps the cortisol levels (the chemical our body produces when under stress) under control. There are other relaxation techniques that are also fun and easy. They are all here.


Yoga allows you to have more control over your body, realizing all it can do and how far it can go. The poses and the stretching connect you with your breathing and your cortisol levels go down. Difficult? Not at all! Every day you will see more and more improvement and stress will have a more difficult time reaching you. Tell me about it! Even one or two poses with deep breathing do the trick during rush hour!


It is said that you are what you eat. Our bodies are wonderful! Even if you eat junk food they do their best to keep working flawlessly, until they don’t. If you love your car you use the best oil, the best shampoo, the best everything to keep it going with no problems, right? Our body needs that same love and care to remain healthy and energetic. So we will take a look at how good nutrition will give you a strong immune system and a better functioning of your brain so your whole body can work flawlessly with no problems.


Practical wellness is not only to stay calm and meditating. All that energy that your body has cannot stay inside! We have to move! Doing exercise does not have to be time-consuming! There are some tricks that will help you get one hour's worth of activity in a fraction of the time. They are all here.

Aromatherapy and Crystal Therapy

There are moments where we just want to ‘zone out’ and forget the world exists, so to speak. Aromatherapy and crystal therapy are great companions to relax and connect to ourselves. Here you will find which essential oils are for what effect and which crystals are for what type of energy.


Healing is not only for the body, it is also for the soul. There are several healing techniques that will help you achieve a better state of being at all levels. When your inner state is good, the physical body follows. If your physical body is suffering, a little help from your state of being will work together with your medical treatment, if any. Always ask your doctor for medical advice.


And to keep ourselves going day in and day out, what about some motivation? The best quotes and affirmations are right here. And if you like reading and writing, books and journals are just a click away!

And all the above is just the beginning! I will keep adding more practical wellness tools as I grow this site. Thank you for visiting.