As a business woman and international model, it is important to feel well, that is why I practice yoga, breathing techniques, weight lifting, and cardio. I take care of my nutrition and my environment. Harmony is important to me, in my physical space and with the people with whom I interact. No toxicity allowed.

I love reading since I was a little girl. There was a small library in my house and I spent hours there reading books and, for some reason, I felt attracted to subjects like psychology, history, quantum physics, and everything related to the soul. I do not have a physical diploma in those areas, but my personal library (physical and electronic) runs in the hundreds. Yes, I read every book I get.

So, when life happened, in spite of feeling like the world was over and the tunnel looked dark and long with no light at the end, I knew I had choices, and I chose ME. I listened to my heart and decided to be true to myself. I faced rejection from the people I least expected, but I continued being faithful to my heart and my soul.

People love telling you what to do, and they love even more judging you if you do not fulfill their expectations of you. Yes, it was painful and disappointing, but it was my journey and it was only me who had the right to decide what direction to take. I respected myself all the time, no matter what.

And I kept reading, studying, learning how to achieve that inner peace that is so essential to thrive. And I tried and applied all the knowledge that felt good to me, and here I am, sharing with you the tools I used (and the ones I did not use, but other people do) to help you in your journey. Because it is YOUR journey.

Achieving that inner peace is the biggest gift you can give to yourself and to the people around you. It has a domino effect: everybody benefits from your wellness, your joy, your happiness, your prosperity.

Loving yourself is equivalent to loving the whole world, and the whole world responds to you in a loving way beyond your imagination. I know. I experience it every day.

Now it is your turn. You deserve to thrive and be happy.

There is an amazing journey ahead of you. Enjoying every moment of it is a sure way of success.

Have fun!