Aromatherapy for Anxiety

From the demands of work and social obligations, to stress from family dynamics, and even our own inner demons, anxiety can feel like an overwhelming presence in our lives. Oftentimes, we find ourselves being anxious or nervous when it seems like everything else around us is functioning normally. That’s where aromatherapy comes in. Scented essences are widely used as natural remedies for a wide range of issues, including anxiety. When used regularly and effectively, essential oils can help maintain your emotional equilibrium by enhancing your sense of smell and bringing back memories you’ve forgotten about. Let’s explore the benefits of using aromatherapy for anxiety and how to do it safely and effectively if you decide to give it a try.

What is Aromatherapy for Anxiety?

For thousands of years, humans have used scented oils to help improve mood and increase relaxation. Oftentimes, essential oils are used for stress relief, like after a presentation at work or a conversation with a difficult person. Aromatherapy is a natural way to help you unwind and relax without relying on any substances other than essential oils themselves. Studies have found that certain oils have been used by ancient cultures to help with anxiety. Lavender, for example, has been used for centuries as an anxiety treatment. In fact, some studies have found that lavender oil may help with both depression and anxiety. Other oils are commonly used for mood enhancement, including basil, orange, and vanilla.

Why you should use Aromatherapy for Anxiety

Similar to meditation, aromatherapy is a great way to unwind and relax. When you combine fragrant oils with calming music and/or visualizations, you can increase your sense of well-being and calm. Aromatherapy can have a powerful effect on your mind and body when you use it to treat anxiety. When you are anxious, your mind is constantly racing. You are worrying about what could go wrong and what could go wrong in the future. You are trying to anticipate what someone might say to you or what you might have to do. You are trying to figure out how to avoid these things so you can feel safe and comfortable in your own skin. Anxiety is exhausting and it takes a lot of mental energy to be anxious all the time. This can leave you feeling drained and mentally fatigued. Aromatherapy can help you relax and restore your mental energy by putting your mind in a more positive state.

How to use Aromatherapy for Anxiety

There are many ways to incorporate aromatherapy into your anxiety treatment, depending on your needs and preferences. 

Diffusing oils in a room is a great way to easily integrate aromatherapy into your day. You can simply place a few drops of aromatherapy oil into an aromatherapy diffuser and let the oils blend with the air in your room. You can also use an aromatherapy diffuser in conjunction with another form of anxiety treatment. For example, you can use an aromatherapy diffuser in the morning when you are anxious about starting your day. You can use it to help you relax, put your mind at ease, and feel more confident as you begin your day. You can also use an aromatherapy diffuser to help calm someone who might be anxious about a specific situation, such as socializing with a group of people who might be testing or challenging them.

Complementary Therapies for Anxiety

No matter which therapies you try, it is important to address all aspects of your anxiety. That’s why complementary therapies are so important. Complementary therapies are designed to work alongside conventional treatments, rather than replacing them. For example, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can be helpful for people with anxiety. However, CBT is not always recommended for people with severe anxiety and may not be an option for everyone who needs it. A great complementary therapy for some people with anxiety is yoga. Yoga has been shown to be effective as a standalone treatment for anxiety because it helps people to regulate their emotions and reduce anxiety by focusing on breathing.

Safe Essential Oils for Anxiety

Certain essential oils are better suited for specific uses. For example, peppermint oil is generally considered safe for use in aromatherapy for anxiety due to its invigorating properties. However, some other essential oils may cause irritation, such as lavender oil, which is commonly used as a natural mood elevator. If you are looking to incorporate aromatherapy into your anxiety treatment, it’s important to choose safe essential oils. It’s also important to understand the difference between the words “safe” and “effective.” The word “safe” refers to the probability of an undesirable outcome occurring. For example, combining an essential oil that is deemed safe with an essential oil that is effective is likely to cause some unwanted effects. In contrast, “effective” refers to the actual benefits of an essential oil. It doesn’t matter if an essential oil is deemed “safe” or not so long as it has actual benefits. If you are looking to incorporate aromatherapy into your anxiety treatment, it’s important to choose safe essential oils. Your safest bet is to use an essential oil that has been shown to have some actual benefits for anxiety. For example, lavender has been shown to have some actual benefits for anxiety, but peppermint doesn’t have any proven benefits for the condition.

Tips for safely using Aromatherapy for Anxiety

Before you begin using aromatherapy for anxiety, it’s important to do a little research and make sure you know how to use essential oils safely. It is also important to understand that aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine. While it can be helpful for some people, it is not a substitute for conventional treatments for mental health conditions. You should also be aware that you can’t apply essential oils directly to your skin. Instead, you’ll want to use them in conjunction with an aromatherapy diffuser, a blend of fragrant oils, or as a pill.

While many people think of aromatherapy as a trend, it is actually been used since ancient times. Today it is popular among people of all ages as a way to breathe in the therapeutic properties of essential oils, relax, and calm the mind. Aromatherapy can be a great way to relax and change your mindset, especially when you use safe essential oils that have been shown to have actual benefits for anxiety.

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