Wellness Dimensions

When we talk about wellness dimensions we are talking about the interconnection of different states of being which should work as a whole, and not individually. If one of them is neglected, your quality of life will be affected and the wellness you are looking for will not be fully achieved.

These dimensions of wellness include your emotions, your spiritual beliefs, your social life, your vocation, your finances, your intellect, your physical body, and your environment.

Let’s take a look at each of them:

Wellness Dimension: Emotional

When you are in this dimension, your feelings, your attitudes, and your values are understood and respected by you.  It is very common to expect others to do that job, when it is us who, first and foremost, have to really understand how we feel, why we feel that way, why we have certain attitudes, what we value and why we value it, and respect that part of ourselves without any judging.

Once we do that, we are able to manage our emotions in a positive and constructive way.

When you understand and respect your own emotions, it is easier to understand and respect the feelings of others, appreciating where they come from dropping any judgments.

All that will help you to love your life, to feel enthusiastic about your day, and to enjoy what you are all about.

Wellness Dimension: Spiritual

The spiritual dimension does not have to include a religion. It is more about the meaning of your life, your purpose. 

When we are in this dimension, all we do is consistent with our beliefs, with our purpose, with what life means to us.

Wellness Dimension: Social

This dimension refers to your relationship with others, having a good time while with others, caring about them, accepting their caring about you, and feeling comfortable around your friends and your significant other. All volunteering activities are part of this dimension.

Wellness Dimension: Vocational

In this dimension, your work is aligned with your lifestyle and your goals. You contribute with your skills and talents to work and activities that give you personal satisfaction and are meaningful to you. 

Wellness Dimension: Financial

In this dimension you understand that every person has their own financial circumstances and needs and you manage your finances in a smart way, setting realistic goals, making informed decisions, and having an emergency fund.

Wellness Dimension: Intellectual

This dimension refers to your knowledge and skills, how you expand them, how you remain curious and eager to learn, and discover new ways to share that knowledge and skills with others.

Wellness Dimension: Physical

In this dimension you take care of your body and your health, eating well and doing physical activities to stay healthy in the short and long term.

Wellness Dimension: Environmental

This dimension refers to all the environments around you, being at work, at home, in nature, with friends, or just when you are out and about, and how those environments affect you in your health and in your emotions. Also, it refers to how your daily activities and habits affect this planet.

All those eight dimensions interact with each other and make your wellness complete. If one of them is not taken care of, the others get affected in a variety of ways, making your state of wellness less than optimum for you.

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