It is common to expect others to provide our own wellness, when in reality it depends on us, on what we do for our own benefit. It is our responsibility to use the tools available and to do the activities we need to do in order to feel well.

Wellness is not one thing or two, it is a group of activities that work together to achieve physical, mental, and emotional health. Therefore, just doing one thing will help, but it will not be enough to get that inner peace that true wellness provides.

Feeling better needs you to focus your attention on yourself, including your body, your mind, your emotions, your relationships, your environment, and your spiritual needs (dimensions of wellness), not only when all seems to go well, but during your daily living and, especially, during difficult times.

It is about maximizing your potential regardless of where you are in life.

The interconnection of body, mind, and spirit has been studied for centuries since ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to Native Americans. Unfortunately, this interconnection started to fade by the 16th century, being treated as independent entities where the health of the body has nothing to do with the state of mind nor the emotions of the person. Scientific evidence has proved that there is indeed an interconnection and the body, the mind, and the spirit work together to keep the balance and wellbeing of the person.

Nobody can think for you, feel for you, react for you, relax for you. You have the power to decide to do all those things and actually do them. Some times are more difficult than others and require more effort on your part than others, but it is always your choice and your responsibility with yourself to make that effort in order to achieve the most precious gift life has to offer: inner peace.

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